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Top 20 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Shows!

It's the last week of the Fringe! Here's our Recommendations for the 20 Best Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows you can still catch this week!



Children's Shows (Comedy / Clown)

10:35am - Pleasance Courtyard - Beneath

Enemies. Balconies. Kissing... sausage rolls!? Three idiots perform Shakespeare's tragedy, using only a box of tatty wigs, a floral dress and an airbed they found by the bins.

Georgie (Age 8) - ★★★★★

"It's a 5 from me, it was really good, I liked it when they done the macarena and when the guy was up the ladder, it's a very funny show."

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West End Best Friend - ★★★★★

"We laughed so much at their ridiculous antics and their storytelling that we could have happily watched it all over again."

Mix Up Theatre with Rubbish Shakespeare Company...



Theatre (Family-Friendly, Puppetry)

11:15 - Assembly Roxy - Upstairs

In a kingdom where it is always night, the Owl had declared himself king and made sleeping forbidden. Can he be stopped before our undreamt dreams destroy the world?

Nina (Age 11) & Ben (Age 9) - ★★★★★

"It's a show that I found interesting because usually you see shows with people in them but this had shadow puppets instead. I loved how the puppets were so realistic and its just such a good way of telling a story."

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Fringe Review - Hidden Gem

"A compelling epic enjoyable for children and adults alike."

Mix Up Theatre at the show!...



Children's Shows (Family-Friendly, Theatre)

10:00 - Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters

(Free Festival)

'Down the hatch!' yells our vicious Queen as yet another storyteller disappoints her. Swallowing the storyteller in just one gulp the Queen turns to her remaining servants, who quake and tremble. Will they be next to go Down the Hatch?

Sam (Age 10) - ★★★★★

"A very weird and funny comedy about a queen who eats people if they don't entertain her."

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Audience Reviews:

"Fantastic show with a twist on classic fairytale stories. The cast are fantastic with really good audience engagement, kids will love it, and adults too! Would highly recommend it. Well done to everyone involved!"

Mix Up Theatre with Chaos Collective...



Children's Shows (Improv, Comedy)

13:05 - Pleasance Courtyard - Pleasance Above

Shakespeare's gone awol so his cast must make it up... in front of the king! With your help, this hilarious, madcap troupe must complete William's new masterpiece – or it's off with their heads!

Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★★

"The best words to describe this show; Funny, funny, funny, and funny. It's hilarious in every way the accents were weird (in a good way), the characters were messed-up (again, in a good way). It was the same company as the 'rubbish Romeo and Juliet', I had a fun time with the actors, 'we don't get along, now do we' was a funny line during show. 'my Favourite character top 3 of this show' is:

1. Shakespeare (he wasn't there)

2. The sports lady

3. The horse

Overall a great show which I would recommend to any families who want a good day out."

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The Reviews Hub - ★★★★★

"A brilliant, bold, and very funny evening’s entertainment. It may be aimed at a family audience – but trust me, you don’t need a child to enjoy this!"

Mix Up Theatre at the show!...



Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (Dance, Family-Friendly)

10:55 / 17:40 - Assembly George Square - Gordon Aikman Theatre

From Australia to London's West End, this high-energy fusion of commercial dance entertainment intertwines ballet and street dance, along with contemporary and breaking to deliver an all-ages show of non-stop five-star entertainment.

Joely (Age 12) - ★★★★★

"Amazing!!! I'm a dancer and all of the crew were sooo talented!"

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Lisa in the Theatre - ★★★★★

"It's a fantastic fusion of dance styles and a whole lot of fun. A superb show sure to delight audiences of all ages."



Comedy (Game Show, Improv)

Age 12+

13:00 - Laughing Horse @ The Counting House - Free Festival

The cult hit is back! The funniest Fringe performers play board/card/party games live on stage.

Ailie (Age 14) - ★★★★★

"I rate it 5 stars because of how it was really funny and all of it was happening in that moment so the performers were doing it on the spot and they did a great job."

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Audience Reviews:

"Really funny and enjoyable. A very nerdy but well spent hour!"



Children's Shows (Dance, Interactive)

10:00am - Laughing Horse @ The Counting House - Free Festival

Family workshop suitable for children aged 3-7 years with parents or carers, but everyone welcome. We involve everyone: skip, clap and march together to traditional Scottish music.

All Edinburgh Theatre - ★★★★★

"This is the perfect way to introduce young children to ceilidh."

Mix Up Theatre with CeilidhKids...



Children's Shows (Comedy, Compilation)

15:55 - Assembly Roxy - Upstairs

Back for our 18th Fringe, we remain adamant that just because you're six, you shouldn't miss out on the festival's best stand-ups and sketch acts! And just because you're an adult at a kids' show, that doesn't mean you can't also have the best time!

Myles (Age 9) - ★★★★★

“I enjoyed it a lot! It was super funny! Overall I loved it and give it 5 stars out of 5!"

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Audience Reviews:

"Great - I took my 11 yr old, but there was a range of ages, a lot of very young kids, and it seemed to hit the mark with all of them."



Comedy (Stand-Up)

Age 14+

20:30 - Pleasance Courtyard - Pleasance Below

Join John Tothill, the Last Living Libertine [citation needed], for an evening of exaggeration, emancipation and dense theoretical speculation in a show that straddles cabaret and TEDTalk (also known as stand-up comedy).

Stewart - ★★★★★

“"John Tothill is an outrageous flirt. He scans the room and falls in love with everyone in the audience - apparently we were all an 8 and above. It's quite refreshing to have a comedian to not just be poking fun at the audience members - though he did kind of end up doing that in a nice way in the end.

Tothill's set is so distinctive in his debonair manner as he recounts tales of his work as a teacher and his attempts to try and control his life whilst accounting historical religious accounts. It's clever but not to the extent that it will alienate the audience, if there's bits you don't get, the laughs come quick and fast anyway. And his interaction with the audience as a whole is delightful. It's a fantastic Fringe debut and is rightly selling out nearly every night recently - I think we've all just found our clarinet.""

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To Do List - ★★★★★

"John Tothill delivers an absolute masterclass in audience control."



Comedy (Theatre, Musical Theatre)

Age 12+

19:00 - Assembly George Square Studios - Studio One

USA, 1985: Rookie Police Cop Jimmy Johnson joined the force to protect and serve... But now Jimmy's in deep, partnered up with a renegade Police Cop and leaned on by a racist Chief.

Jan (Age 12) - ★★★★★

"5 stars! Best show I have seen so far!! The best parts of this show were; Jimmy Johnson recording a voice message, Jimmy being adopted by his sister (his sister became his dad), his sister's death, the 'US 80s' song, Jimmy becoming a Police Cop, Jimmy first meeting Maloy, Jimmy getting assigned a new mission to catch Hernandez, Jimmy first meeting Harrison, Jimmy and Harrison's dance competition, Jimmy running away to Mexico, the 'are you an American't or are are you an American', Jimmy going to the orphanage, the morph screen suit guy pushing the can over, Harrison realising that Hernandez is actually Maloy, the fight scene at the end, and the 'US 2080s' scene. 'My Favourite character top 3 of this show' is:

1. Jimmy Johnson

2. The morph screen suit guy

3. The guy who lives in a bin

The set was awesome, the songs were brilliant, the dancing was stupendous (in a good way), and overall, for a person like me this show was perfect"

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Theatre Weekly - ★★★★★

"Madcap comedy gold; silly, irreverent comedy at its absolute finest"

Mix Up Theatre with the Police Cops...




Age 16+

16:00 - Gilded Balloon Teviot - Debating Hall

The star of BBC Radio 4's Dead Ringers and BBC One's The Impressions Show follows up his 2018 sell-out Fringe residency with a brand-new hour of comedy and music.

Stewart - ★★★★

"Culshaw is back at the festival this year with this epic showcase of his vocal talents. It's a warm, Sunday afternoon vibe that Culshaw presents to an adoring audience as he works his way through some amazingly spot-on impressions throughout the hour. Usually with impressionists there's the odd one that doesn't land, not the case here and Culshaw makes the whole thing feel effortless. Most impressive is when he presents the vocal tones that can change one famous person to another - it's quite a surprise to realise there's vocal similarities between two very different famous people. This feels like a show perhaps aimed at the older end of the age range, represented by a glorious Les Dawson based finale - but there's nowt wrong with that!"

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North West End UK - ★★★★★

"A tour de force by an expert impressionist!"



Comedy (Cabaret, Stand-Up)

Age 18+

20:00 - Pleasance Dome - KingDome

With her passion for compassion and flair for giving care, the 'bust a gut funny' (Graham Norton) Myra DuBois calls out to the disadvantaged, downtrodden and tyrannised of the world with her manifesto for mental health: AdMyrism! But are you ready to receive the call?

Stewart - ★★★★

""A rip-roaring cabaret from the hilarious drag queen, Myra Dubois, as she attempts to be a wellness ambassador to her audience. Dubois has an easygoing, sassy manner but the humour is gloriously biting and it had the audience in stitches throughout. This was my first Myra experience and I'll definitely be going back for more. She's a legend."

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Theatre Weekly - ★★★★★

"If you’re looking for some clever, camp, silly fun, then Myra DuBois: Be Well is the show for you"


13. IMA

Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (Immersive, Circus)

Age 12+

Various Times - Assembly Murrayfield Ice Rink

IMA (Pray) is an immersive circus experience. In the installation space reminiscent of sacred places, we participate in a unique ritual guided by the performer, who becomes a 21st-century shaman taking the audience into the unknown territories of the human mind.

Stewart - ★★★★

"A spectacular immersive experience. There's an ethereal, haunting quality to this production as we are lead from the admittedly rather rundown corridors of the ice rink into this otherworldy area where you offered the opportunity to send a wish into the universe. Sounds a bit bizarre but it makes sense when you are there. From here, we are lead into a darkened globe where the production takes place. A wonderful sole dancer leads us through a stylized ritualistic type performance which again feels entirely spiritual and will certainly result in a range of reactions depending on each viewer. The production gives the feel that we are taken on a journey through the stars and it's a stunning, memorable experience."

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One4Review - ★★★★★

"An incredible spiritual, immersive theatrical experience."



Children's Shows (Circus, Clown)

13:30 - Assembly George Square Gardens - Piccolo

Welcome to the world of Quebec's circus clowns! Presented in 18 countries, winner of multiple awards, Brotipo is back this year! Before your eyes, a friendship will be put to the test to make you laugh, dance and even sing!

Maddie (Age 9) - ★★★★★

"This is a great show. I love the two characters - one is really funny and the other more serious. I thought the engagement with the audience was brilliant like calling out when people went to the toilet. Not only is this really, really funny. I loved all the acrobatic elements and the funny one's dancing! It was great to see more of the show than we saw in our mix up theatre workshop."

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One4Review - ★★★★

"Brotipo is more than an acrobatic spectacle; it’s a testament to comedy’s timeless appeal and the intricate ballet of human connection."

Mix Up Theatre with Les Foutoukours...



Children's Shows (Disabled-Led, Game Show)

11:30 - Pleasance Courtyard, Baby Grand

The disability Taskmaster! A hilarious, interactive game show where each game represents a different disability, giving kids and grown-ups the chance to learn about autism and cerebral palsy among others.

Nina (Age 10) - ★★★★★

"I think it is really important for people to be aware of disabilities. I loved the interactive games. "

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Theatre, Film and Arts - ★★★★

"Benny and Mark work together perfectly to raise important questions and issues."