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Magic REVIEW: Kevin Quantum: Momentum - ★★★★★

Epic scale stunts and mind-blowing magic in a spectacle that swings from edge-of-your-seat astonishment to belly laughs. Illusionist and inventor Kevin was trained by Penn & Teller, has had sell-outs at Edinburgh Fringe and reached the final stages of Britain's Got Talent with his death defying, stunning magic.

'a mixture of magic, science and derring-do, you're like a sexy Doctor Who!' David Walliams



Friday 28th July, Perth Theatre

Now at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, until 27th August, 16:45, Assembly


Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★1/2

"I loved this show because of the really good magic, the funny moments, and the part where me and one of my best friends Euan got to go on stage. There were tricks such as; making a bottle of beer appear of no where (my dad got to keep the beer), making cards appear out of no where, turning a single card into a whole deck of cards, turning a card into acard, and making a ring float in midair. Kevin Quantum performed a dangerous stunt at the end, hobbling (he injured his leg so he was in a moon boot) through a life-sized harmonic cradle blindfolded, which had cannonballs (which were on fire) instead of marbles, it was amazing! Me and Euan went on stage just before the last stunt it was a weird trick in which I had to catch paper balls in a hat while Euan had to guess which hand the paper balls were in, it was a very obvious trick to everyone except Euan who right Infront of Kevin. The only slightly confusing part was some of the tricks where he went on a weird kind of magicians first date thing, otherwise a brilliant show. If you like daring stunts and comedic magic then this is the show for you!"

Euan (Age 12) - ★★★★1/2

"I thought that Kevin Quantum Momentum was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Every single magic trick was absolutely amazing. Sometimes Kevin would trick you by making you think that he got the magic trick wrong but then make it even better! Me and my friend Jan got to go up on stage and help perform a magic trick. The magic trick that we helped him perform was where I had to try and guess what hand he was hiding toilet roll in and then he would secretly pass the toilet roll to Jan and at the end Jan had a bunch of toilet roll, when he showed me the hat that had all the toilet roll in it I was so confused as to how it got

there. As the finale he walked through ten twenty pound balls that were on fire and he did that whilst blindfolded."

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