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Fringe REVIEW: Shadow Kingdom - ★★★★★

In a kingdom where it is always night, the Owl had declared himself king and made sleeping forbidden. Can he be stopped before our undreamt dreams destroy the world? The creators of the smash-hit Space Hippo present an epic fantasy adventure for all ages. Four hundred shadow puppets are used to create a live animated movie. ***** ( 'Shadow Kingdom ought to be held as the standard for children's entertainment' ***** (ThreeWeeks).

Theatre (Family Friendly / Puppetry)


Shadow Kingdom


Assembly Roxy - Upstairs


until 28th August, 11:15

Age? 5+



Georgie (Age 8) - ★★★★★

"I did like the owl, I didn't like when the guy threw her but it was kool what he did with the shadows. 5 from me."

Nina (Age 11) & Ben (Age 9) - ★★★★1/2

"It's a show that I found interesting because usually you see shows with people in them but this had shadow puppets instead. I loved how the puppets were so realistic and its just such a good way of telling a story."

Ailie (Age 14) - ★★★

"I rate it 3 stars as I thought the show was more for younger kids than my age group but the way the did it was really interesting."

Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★

"This show had a pretty good story, and DJ Slug(the best character by far). I thought the shadow puppets were really good, and the fact that they had to remember all of the actions with all of the different puppets was great. The story was a bit creepy, in a fun kind of way. For two people it was a brilliant show. I'd recommend this show to people who like a kind of funny bed time story with a slight element of horror. The only downside is that there wasn't much comedy or action (my favourite genres). I still loved DJ Slug and I also liked the dad, and overall I quite liked the show"

Deborah - ★★★★★

"A beautiful tale with masters of the Shadow Puppetry craft at it's best.

With an original and modern twist on the fantasy worlds we would all see in our dreams.

Very impressed couldn't look away!"

Stewart - ★★★★★

"An absolutely stunning production, the craftsmanship, storytelling skills and how original and fun the story is is just wonderful. It's maybe my favourite show of the year - absolutely loved it. And the whole speakeasy scene is just outstanding, soooo funny."

And Cassie's review from our Summer Camp...

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Pics from our trip to see Shadow Kingdom during our Mix Up Theatre Fringe Festival Summer Camp...


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