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Fringe REVIEW: Improvised Rubbish Shakespeare - The Incomplete Works - ★★★★★

Shakespeare's gone awol so his cast must make it up... in front of the king! With your help, this hilarious, madcap troupe must complete William's new masterpiece – or it's off with their heads! Wing It Improv and Rubbish Shakespeare present a completely improvised Shakespeare play! Using clown, physical comedy and live music, this spontaneous hour of family-friendly theatre is a ridiculously joyous, participatory event. Suitable for all, including those new to Shakespeare (or even theatre itself). 'Delightfully bonkers'' ***** ( 'Improvised theatre at its very best!' ***** (At the Theatre).

Children's Shows (Improv / Comedy)


Improvised Rubbish Shakespeare - The Incomplete Works


Pleasance Courtyard - Pleasance Above


until 28th August, 13:05

Age? 5+



Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★1/2

"The best words to describe this show; Funny, funny, funny, and funny. It's hilarious in every way the accents were weird (in a good way), the characters were messed-up (again, in a good way). It was the same company as the 'rubbish Romeo and Juliet', I had a fun time with the actors, 'we don't get along, now do we' was a funny line during show. 'my Favourite character top 3 of this show' is:

1. Shakespeare (he wasn't there)

2. The sports lady

3. The horse

Overall a great show which I would recommend to any families who want a good day out."

Joseph (Age 10) - ★★★★1/2

"A hilarious and interactive play,letting the audience give the base for the story and making an amazing show that you can definitely go to see more than once because it'll be different every time. Family friendly suitable for all ages. All in all a great show with amazing actors that will bring any story that you suggest to life."

Stewart - ★★★★★

"Rubbish Shakespeare does it again! This time with an off-the-wall wacky improvised on the spot tale. It goes all over the place before the story gradually starts to make much sense but the audience and the cast are all having a great time. Come see a wacky inspired tale evolve in front of your eyes!"

Have you seen the show?...

Pics from our visit to see the show!...

And we even had a workshop with Rubbish Shakespeare Company this week as well!...


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