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Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Here's a quick run-down of everything else we've caught at the festival!


Dan Lees: The Vinyl Countdown

Comedy (Alternative Comedy / Clown)

Age 18+

run ended


"Absolutely incredible. The most fun I've had at the Fringe in many years! Lees has a number of old vinyls that he's found in charity shops and brings the singers back for our pleasure (with comedy wigs and props). He asks the audience for facts about the artists, requests for songs of the album and has the entire audience singing along to songs he's making up on the spot. The funniest hour of the year - could be any year! Lets hope this is back again!"


Myra Dubois: Be Well

Comedy (Cabaret, Stand-Up)

Age 18+

20:00 - Pleasance Dome - KingDome


"A rip-roaring cabaret from the hilarious drag queen, Myra Dubois, as she attempts to be a wellness ambassador to her audience. Dubois has an easygoing, sassy manner but the humour is gloriously biting and it had the audience in stitches throughout. This was my first Myra experience and I'll definitely be going back for more. She's a legend."


Olaf Falafel: Look What Fell Out Of My Head

Comedy (Absurdist)

Age 12+

15:45 - Laughing Horse @ The Pear Tree


"Very much in the Harry Hill school of comedy, this is absurd comedy at its wackiest. Falafel is a likeable host but it might be a little too strained for some. Otherwise just go along and laugh at the absurdity of life, have your mind read and play pass the parcel - why not. Get there early as Falafel fans fill the room! Great fun."


Mark Simmons: New Jokes

Comedy (Stand-Up)

Age 18+

13:45 - PBH's Free Fringe @ Liquid Room Annexe / Warehouse


"Another brilliant stand-up routine from Simmons this year, once again to a packed out room. Don't let that daft iron joke at the start put you off - it's one punchline after another (that you'll probably not remember!) - Great stuff!"


007 Voices of Bond

Music (Vocal, Live Music)

Age 5+

13:35 - theSpace @ Symposium Hall


"The singer Maia Elsey is fantastic and the renditions of some of Bond's best theme songs are very impressive. However this is a show with a bit of a weird vibe, perhaps it's the setting or the sound being a bit iffy or too loud throughout but for me this sort of safe, cruiseship style entertainment isn't for me. Despite a few excellent numbers, the 50 minutes went in a bit slow."


What else?...

Tales from a Haunted Bookshop

Children's Shows (Storytelling, Theatre)

Age 8+

run ended


We were desperate to see Tales from a Haunted bookshop after Coppice Theatre ran a workshop with us! It was so nice to see them again and they let us take a photo with them.

Miss Cordelia Hemlock and Ransome Squelch tell a series of stories using puppets, projection and humour. The bookshop set was ace!

Maddie (Age 9) - "It was really funny and I didn't want it to end. I liked the "gut" story, maybe I will visit Cornwall now."

Miriam (Age 8) - "4.5 stars. My favourite story was the cabinet one with Malik at the boarding school. I liked the "witch" disappearing into the cabinet. It was good fun and I would go and see again."


Shakespeare for Breakfast - ★★

"The cast are young and energetic but it plays like a T.I.E. production - and one lacking in a bit of genuine laughs. The actual Shakespeare moments work better than the half baked attempt at modernising Midsummer Night's Dream with Love Island. Perhaps sticking to the original would have been a better choice. A naff misfire this year for a popular regular Fringe staple."

8:03 - ★★★★★

run ended

Alison: "8:03 is a joyful piece of physical theatre. Its an enormously fun and joyful way to spend 50 minutes. On a very basic level this could be about baking cookies (we did get a sweet treat at the end!). However so much meaning about life, humanity and conflict can be read into the mainly non verbal piece. I think this would be a hit with anyone from 8 to 108. In addition to energy of the performers, I loved the dynamic of the three - there was some superb characterisation. Go, prepared to laugh a lot and leave with a lot to discuss after."

Gigl Comedy - ★★

"Tumbleweeds. Not so great comedy from some up and coming comedians. It's free so of course can't complain, there's a few inspired moments in there but still a long way to go."


Final day additions....

The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much - ★★★★★


Lane Kwederis - ★★

Not so good.


Make sure you've booked in for Mix Up Theatre DRAMA CLASSES!


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