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Fringe REVIEW: SCOTS - ★★★★★

The musical history lesson that no one asked for but everyone needs! A Play, A Pie and A Pint shares the true(ish) story of our nation: its past, present and future, its triumphs and failures, all told by a figure who has seen it all... Scotland’s greatest invention and storyteller, The Toilet! From award-winning duo Noisemaker, Scots is an irreverent and rousing musical journey through the history of Scotland, that replays some of our nation’s most iconic (and forgotten) stories to answer the fundamental question: What makes a country? Ticket includes a pie and a pint. Part of

Musicals and Opera (Musical Comedy, Theatre)




Ghillie Dhu - Auditorium


until 27th August, 13:00

Age? 14+



Cameron - ★★★★★

"Scots is a classic example of what a modern musical should be. From grand song and dance numbers to unfiltered dry Scottish humour, Scots takes its audience members on a journey through the highs and lows of Scotland’s famous and yet untold stories to build a picture of what it means to be a Scot. Armed with a complimentary pie and pint, Scots brings out the unconventional joy of newfound musicals that don’t follow the traditional path of their ancestors – making for a much more fun and relaxed audience. A ‘must see’ show if you’re looking for a daft production that’ll make your sides sore with laughter!"

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