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Fringe REVIEW: IMA - ★★★★

IMA (Pray) is an immersive circus experience. In the installation space reminiscent of sacred places, we participate in a unique ritual guided by the performer, who becomes a 21st-century shaman taking the audience into the unknown territories of the human mind. Bence Vági, director-choreographer of IMA worked with his team to create a magical installation inspired by the starry sky stretching over the desert; the place where human beings realise that we are merely tiny points in the infinite vastness of the universe.

Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (Immersive / Circus)




Assembly Murrayfield Ice Rink


until 27th August, various times

Age? 12+



Stewart - ★★★★

"A spectacular immersive experience. There's an ethereal, haunting quality to this production as we are lead from the admittedly rather rundown corridors of the ice rink into this otherworldy area where you offered the opportunity to send a wish into the universe. Sounds a bit bizarre but it makes sense when you are there. From here, we are lead into a darkened globe where the production takes place. A wonderful sole dancer leads us through a stylized ritualistic type performance which again feels entirely spiritual and will certainly result in a range of reactions depending on each viewer. The production gives the feel that we are taken on a journey through the stars and it's a stunning, memorable experience."

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