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Fringe REVIEW: John Tothill: The Last Living Libertine - ★★★★★

Join John Tothill, the Last Living Libertine [citation needed], for an evening of exaggeration, emancipation and dense theoretical speculation in a show that straddles cabaret and TEDTalk (also known as stand-up comedy). Don't be shy, fill full your cups with this debut hour all about pleasure, performed by a gushing bon vivant to an audience of conventionally attractive comedy-goers. Featuring almost exclusively sleepover-style gossip, dressed up in a way that feels more important than that (but isn't). Directed by Adam Brace. Winner of the 2Northdown New Act Competition 2022. As seen on Hinge.

Comedy (Stand-Up)


John Tothill: The Last Living Libertine


Pleasance Courtyard - Pleasance Below


until 27th August, 20:30

Age? 14+



Stewart - ★★★★★

"John Tothill is an outrageous flirt. He scans the room and falls in love with everyone in the audience - apparently we were all an 8 and above. It's quite refreshing to have a comedian to not just be poking fun at the audience members - though he did kind of end up doing that in a nice way in the end.

Tothill's set is so distinctive in his debonair manner as he recounts tales of his work as a teacher and his attempts to try and control his life whilst accounting historical religious accounts. It's clever but not to the extent that it will alienate the audience, if there's bits you don't get, the laughs come quick and fast anyway. And his interaction with the audience as a whole is delightful. It's a fantastic Fringe debut and is rightly selling out nearly every night recently - I think we've all just found our clarinet."

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