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Theatre REVIEW: Who Killed My Father - ★★★★

Following a sell-out debut, theatre company surrogate returns with Who Killed My Father.

Growing up gay in a small town in France, Édouard endured the violence and homophobia of his alcoholic, right-wing father, a factory worker.

In 2000, his father suffered an accident in the workplace which left him bed-bound and on morphine for the pain. Now, Édouard confronts his father, uncovering a startling connection between political decisions and his father’s broken body.

Édouard’s anger transforms to compassion as his father’s capacity for violence appears to be the product of years of social brutality. Louis sets about rewriting the recent social and political history of France, exposing how the consequences of neo-liberal ‘reforms’ inflicted on the lives of workers are lived out in their own bodies.

Who Killed My Father is an intimate declaration of love from son to father and a defiant call for social justice.

Based on the book by Édouard Louis, translated by Lorin Stein, and adapted and directed for stage by Nora Wardell



Traverse Theatre, Thursday 11th May - Part of Scotland Tour


Stewart - ★★★★

"An intimate, intriguingly staged production following a man's look back at his life with his father. The clash of ideals dominates as the parent struggles to accept his son's somewhat effeminate nature which does not sit with his own expectations of who his son should be. However the love for each other outgrows the struggle. Michael Marcus gives an outstanding performance, slowly delving into the story of this relationship, it feels that the character is grasping onto old memories and discovering new depths to his relationship. The show within the Traverse 2 setting gives an almost claustrophobic feel which works well with the play. There's a bit of a shift to a more political slant as the son highlights the inequalities and discrimination his father faced when he became ill, it's a little heavier done than the proceeding character work but an important message is still well conveyed. A memorable and profound piece of theatre."


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