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Theatre REVIEW: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - ★★★★★

Mirror, Mirror on the wall - our Panto is the most magical of them all!

Brighten up your January with a trip to Edinburgh's festive spectacular!

This lavish production is packed full of music, magic, laughter, and fun for the whole family. Starring: Allan Stewart, Grant Stott, Jordan Young, Clare Gray, Liz Ewing, Brian James Leys, and Francesca Ross.



Festival Theatre, Edinburgh - until 22nd January.


Archie (Age 10) and Maddie (Age 8) - ★★★★★

"Archie and Maddie give Snow White and the 7 dwarfs 5 stars. We loved the costumes and sets - it was incredible when Muddles flew out into the audience on the sleigh. Archie wondered if the Queen Dragonella was scared when she flew out into the audience on the dragon because it was scary.

The songs and dance routines were fab-u-lous - Craig would give them 10!! Archie liked how the pantomime was made relevant to modern day Edinburgh with references to the cost of living crisis, trams on Leith walk, hearts and Hibs, train strikes and even Nicola Sturgeon appearing.

There was some swearing and adult jokes but we got them. Archie's favourite joke was - I am a crab but I am walking straight because I am steamin'!

Maddie's favourite characters were muddles Nurse May - she thought they were the lead characters and not Snow White. The tongue twister section was her favourite scene. And unlike usual boring fairy tales, Snow White saved the prince.

It was funny how the characters referred to the others as actors as opposed the character they were playing.

Archie's favourite character is Lord Lucifer - he was the baddy and really funny - he has the best lines.

The cast picked on the audience - never sit in the front row of a Pantomime - you could get squirted or become part of the show!!!! There was a funny scene at the beginning with an audience member called Tony who was meant to be late having gone to the Kings Theatre by mistake and arrived on the wrong night! We think he was a stunt double because the actors would get sued for pushing him off the stage into the orchestra pit.

There an awesome part where Muddles and Nurse May interrupted Lord Lucifer's lines with song lyrics!

It was the first professional show for Francesca Ross who plays Snow White - she was really good with a lovely voice. We liked hearing so many Scottish accents."


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