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Theatre REVIEW: Moby Dick - ★★★★

A fast and vibrant reimagining of Herman Melville's classic, featuring sea shanties played live on stage

October, 1839. The Pequod is due to sail out of Nantucket and her skipper, the notorious Captain Ahab, is in need of a crew. Seeking fortune and adventure, humble schoolmaster Ishmael ships aboard, joining a company charged with one task: to wreak revenge on the white whale that lost Ahab his leg – the infamous Moby Dick.

The spirit and atmosphere of Herman Melville’s masterpiece – romantic, ambiguous, and rich with allegory – is gloriously captured on stage by the award-winning ensemble Simple8.

Presented by Simple8, in association with Royal & Derngate, Northampton.



New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich - until Saturday 18th May - Part of UK Tour


Jan (Age 12) - ★★★★

"This is an awesome show! It has an interesting set and a good story to tell. The main character, Ishmael, is a peculiar person. He started off as a frail former schoolmaster, but by the end of the show, he was a proper sailor. This gradual development in character is great. IshmaeI wasn't the only character who played well. All of Ishmael's crewmates were very entertaining to watch.

In addition to acting, some actors played instruments. In particular, Hazel Monaghan played well on multiple instruments and is a very good actor. The music is played live on stage in front of the audience. I loved all of the music and sea shanties! Some instruments that were played particularly well include the violin and the accordion. The singing was equally as excellent as the instrument playing.

The set was rather odd, I was quite surprised when I saw loads of metal poles joined together, a bit like scaffolding, as the stage for this play. I was expecting it to be more shiplike. Nevertheless, it was used brilliantly, with two floors and ladders randomly popping out to create the crow's nest and other features.

Overall, I think this show is a good interpretation of Herman Melville's original book, and I will recommend it to family and friends."


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