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Outwith REVIEW: All Day Music - ★★★★★

All day live music in venues throughout Scotland’s ancient capital and newest city host some of the best bands and musicians around including...


Luke La Volpe

Liz Lawrence


Pulled Apart By Horses




Dunfermline - Various Venues - Saturday 20th September - All Day



Stewart - ★★★★★

"What a brilliant day of live music in Scotland's newest city! A tremendous amount of excellent music acts for only £20! This festival is only going to grow and grow every year and it was such a privilege to go along and to catch as much as we could on this epic day.

Of course not all music is going to be to everyone's taste so it's great there was so much on throughout the day and night so if you weren't too keen on one act your next favourite band was probably just walking distance around the corner.

The day looked something like this for us: Connor Fyfe, Lewis McLaughlin, Foreignfox, Toastie, Pleasure Heads, Medicine Cabinet and Pulled Apart by Horses - all of them were fantastic! And that was only a smidgeon of what was on offer.

We're giving special mention to Medicine Cabinet because their effortlessly cool set was our favourite and had us dancing along as did Toastie as well who stepped in to do a second set for 1703.

Best venue of the day also has to go to the Brasshouse - we spent most of the day in there!

Absolutely brilliant! We can't wait for next year!"


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