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Outwith REVIEW: Comedy@1703 - ★★★★

Night of comedy with performances by youtube star and Pick of the Fringe comedian Eleanor Morton and comic Glasgow boy band Weegie Hink Ae That. MC’d by rising Scottish comic Rachel Jackson.

Eleanor Morton presents a brand-new surreal and offbeat stand-up show about goals, trying and failing.

‘Wee comical dafties’ Weegie Hink Ae That perform sketches and songs with clever twists on Scottish culture.



1703, Dunfermline - Friday 9th September



Stewart - ★★★★

"It's fantastic to get some new and exciting comedy in Dunfermline that's fresh off successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. So here we are at 1703 with benches set up on the dancefloor. We kind of made a mistake of sitting near the front - not because you tend to have to have banter with the acts but because we had a bit of a creaky neck by the end of the 2 hours - stage and venue maybe not best for stand-up - including the lights going off sporadically - ha but that kind of added to the grungy fringe style vibe to proceedings to a fantastic night.

Our MC for the night was delightful, Rachel Jackson, who had some cracking jokes and managed to put the audience at ease and even had us all singing happy birthday to an audience member.

The real highlight of the night was the group of 3 Scottish lads, Weegie Ye Hink Ae That? who provided hilarious sketches and songs all with a very cheeky Scottish twist. Again a wee bit messy but all the more fun for it and had the audience all singing along as well! These guys definitely deserve a ★★★★★ - keep an eye out for the lads because they'll be going places (well they are actually, they are off to a festival in the USA!!!)

Eleanor Morton was our headliner act and the humour was nicely easygoing and she had a likeable demeanor retelling accounts from being a bullies favourite target to her lockdown troubles. She does acknowledge that lockdown stories are getting a bit tiring but she did reaccount her's, which in the end didn't bring anything particularly new to the table. Although she rounded up her act really well she did lose the audience a few times, perhaps following up the roudy previous act, struggling with a heckler, her notes and the anonymous lights going on and off - however the audience was on her side and she provided a good end to the night."


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