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MIX UP SUMMER: Gangsta Grandparents! The Tasks...

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

We're having a David Walliams themed summer to our Summer Camps this year!

There's a number of tasks to be done over the summer!

Anyone can join in - you don't need to be signed up for Summer Camp!

We've some David Walliams themed goodies to give away!


TASK - Read a David Walliams book! Send us in a review...

What books have you read? Send us in a review? How many books can you read this summer?

Current reviews...


BAD DAD - ★★★★★

MR STINK - ★★★★★



Here's Hannah's acrostic poem having just read Mr Stink :)


TASK - Forge a painting!

At our Summer Camps, our Gangsta Grandparents are going to be making FAKE Paintings! Their crime is art forgery! Yikes but hey, that is pretty Impressive!!

Can you make your own versions of some very famous paintings?.... They can be as silly or as realistic as you like - what would Mona Lisa look like if she was Peppa Pig I wonder....

Here's some really famous paintings you could recreate...

Send us a pic if you create something!...

Latest entry...

Here's Beth's Andy Warhol pic...

See more in comments section below...


TASK - Take a pic of your Suspicious Grandparents!

Can you get a picture or a video of your Grandparent(s) looking suspicious?

Don't have a Grandparent that can take part? How about any older member of the family? Auntie? Uncle? Or maybe even a neighbour?

The funnier the better! What are they up to????

Counting all their stolen jewels?

Planning a bank robbery?

Or even forging a famous painting!?!?!?

Can they make it along to rehearsals for the Summer Camp?

Let's put some of them in the show!!!


TASK - Create your own OAP Bus Pass

What will you look like in 70 years?

Create your own OAP Bus Pass...

Georgie's bus pass...


TASK - Visit an Art Gallery - send us a pic and a review...

Visit any art galleries this summer then send us a pic and a review...

Please do not steal any art work!!! :)

Current reviews...


"I loved Van Gogh very much, I wanted to go back but it's away now, I loved the music and dancing with you and daddy, it was good I could lie on the floor and watch the lights of his art come down on me, I liked watching and reading how he died, it's sad, the sunflowers was good too with the mirrors, i give it 5 stars".

Van Gogh Alive - ★★★★★


TASK - Watch some David Walliams TV Movies and send us in a review...

On BBC iPlayer you can watch...

Gangsta Granny

Mr Stink

Billionaire Boy

The Midnight Gang

The Boy in the Dress

Grandpa's Great Escape

Watch them and send us in a review!

If you manage to see a stage show version of a David Walliams book then send us in a review....

Here's our review of Gangsta Granny - Daniel, Amelia & Stewart caught it last month...

Amelia (Age 8) - ★★★★★

"It was Super good and the acting was amazing so funny. I loved it all .AMAZING dancing. my favourite character was Flávio he was so funny . Gangster granny is my favourite book and movie and it was brilliant to see it live in a show like that. Everyone should see it if they like the book."


How many tasks can you complete this summer? Do as many as you can and win some fab prizes!

Don't forget to book into SUMMER CAMP

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