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Gallery REVIEW: Van Gogh Alive - ★★★★★

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Van Gogh Alive has been experienced by over 8.5 million people across 70 cities worldwide.

Prepare to transcend time and space as you accompany Van Gogh on a journey through the Netherlands, Arles, Saint Rémy and Auvers-sur-Oise, where he created many of his timeless masterpieces. Set to an evocative classical score, a thrilling display of over 3,000 inspirational images transforms every surface that surrounds you in what has been described as an "unforgettable multi-sensory experience".

At Van Gogh Alive you don't just look at his paintings, you step inside them and feel their power.



Festival Square, Edinburgh - until 17th July



Georgie (Age 6) - ★★★★★

"I loved Van Gogh very much, I wanted to go back but it's away now, I loved the music and dancing with you and daddy, it was good I could lie on the floor and watch the lights of his art come down on me, I liked watching and reading how he died, it's sad, the sunflowers was good too with the mirrors, i give it 5 stars".

Mum: "She really enjoyed it and every time we drove by after she would ask to go back, both me and Crichton really enjoyed it too great exhibition, was fun to take part in the drawing tutorial at the end, we had a great time the 3 of us dancing away and enjoying the music, it was nice to have time to read all the info to Georgie as well."

Stewart - ★★★★

'This is quite a remarkable way to experience the work of an artist. I'm sure everyone knows of at least a few of Van Gogh's most famous works, but you don't need to come to this immersive exhibition knowing too much.

The gallery runs as a timeline of Van Gogh's work from his early works of portraits to his later darker later years in an asylum. It runs the full gamut of his work and the number of paintings on show here is incredible.

They are brought to life on huge screens that sometimes animate paintings, have quotes from Van Gogh and there are musical accompany along the way. It's quite an experience.

The best moments feel from feeling like you are stepping into the painting - from an early exhibition piece where you feel like you are in the room Van Gogh painted to feeling like you are the same size as one of Van Gogh's brushstrokes on the screen. The sunflower room provides opportunity for some great selfies, but is rather small - it's all done by mirrors.

However... here's the downside - it does all take place in one big room and it's worth being aware of this. Perhaps if the space allowed a more gallery feel where you can walk through would be more appropriate. It is also very expensive for what it is worth, my partner and I were short of £50 for 2 tickets and I can understand why there has been a bit of negative feedback regarding this. When it's at it's busiest as well, it loses some of the impact so if booking a ticket, try going to see it when it's less busy (options for this when booking on the wesbsite).

Finally, there is nothing more magical than standing in front of a real painting by a master of art. For a Van Gogh gallery, charging £25 a ticket, the fact that there isn't actually a real Van Gogh painting on show seems a bit of a letdown. For all the technical bravada it's the one element that's missing. Still if this brings along new fans to the work of one of the world's greatest artists then we can't argue with that."


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