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Theatre REVIEW: The Girls of Slender Means - ★★★★★

Drama adapted by Gabriel Quigley, from the novel by Muriel Spark

Directed by Roxana Silbert

‘We were girls together during the war. In a boarding house for women on the Bayswater Road called The May of Teck Club. It was 1945, when all the nice people were poor... allowing for exceptions.’

Set in the summer of 1945, The Girls of Slender Means follows the adventures of a group of young women who are caught between hope and unhappiness. As each girl grapples with what happened in the war, they begin to imagine what lies ahead of them in peacetime. A Schiaparelli gown, suitors and bacon rations are all bartered with in this lively and moving stage adaption of Spark's seminal novel.

Romance, work, fashion and politics collide in The Girls of Slender Means as the girls find joy amongst the rubble.



The Lyceum, Edinburgh - until 4th May


Ailie (Age 14) - ★★★★★

"The Girls of Slender Means is a story about a group of young women trying to navigate their life after the end of world war 2. These girls don't have very much money, so they all share one dress to go out in which is called the Schiaparrelli gown, which is very important to them. I loved the show as it was about young girls planning their future and trying to have fun and that felt relevant to me as a teenage girl. I would rate it 5 stars as I really enjoyed the show; it was really funny but also emotional at points. I thoroughly recommend this show as it was amazing."


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