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Theatre REVIEW: Prism - ★★★★★

Hue and Pop of Prism Inc. (Investigators of Colour) finally have their first case - a house where colour has gone haywire! Are they up to the task of sorting it?

Prism is a visual, comedic and non-verbal theatre show for audiences aged 5+ which plays with the physics of colour-mixing in joyful, unexpected ways.

The keen (but amateur) sleuths enter a house where colour doesn’t seem to be behaving - things appear and disappear with tricks of the light - it’s anything but normal in here! In a house that seems to alter with every colourful discovery, can these two friends put everything back to normal again?

Inspired by science but without the jargon, this theatre show for young audiences explores the wonders of colour and light.



The Studio Edinburgh, Saturday 10th June


Georgie (Age 7) - ★★★★★


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