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Theatre REVIEW: Murder in the Dark - ★★★

A spine-chilling ghost story, turned psychological thriller starring TV and stage favourites Tom Chambers (Holby City, Casualty, Waterloo Road, Father Brown and Strictly Come Dancing champion) and Susie Blake (Victoria Wood’s As Seen on TV).

Original Theatre, Trafalgar Theatre Productions & JAS Theatricals present


by Torben Betts

Directed by Philip Franks

What happens when the lights go out?

It’s New Year’s Eve, when a car crash on a deserted road brings famous but troubled singer Danny Sierra and his dysfunctional family to an isolated holiday cottage in rural England.

From the moment they arrive, a sequence of inexplicable events begin to occur… and then the lights go out… As the tension rises and deeply buried secrets come to light, you’ll find nothing is quite as it seems.

From the mind of acclaimed writer Torben Betts and produced by the award-winning Original Theatre, who brought you the smash hit production of The Mirror Crack’d by Agatha Christie, Murder in The Dark will have you on the edge of your seats until the final chilling twist.

Are you brave enough to uncover the truth?

Directed by

Cast includes Rebecca Charles (The Dresser), Jonny Green (It’s a Sin), Owen Oakeshott (Witness for the Prosecution) and Laura White (Doctors).

“A killer thriller to knock em dead” Daily Mail on Original Theatre’s Night Must Fall

“An uncommonly talented playwright” Time Out on Torben Betts

Age Guidance 14+



Original Theatre - Online


Stewart - ★★★

"Original Theatre once again offers the unique experience to watch a very well filmed theatre production at home, perfect for hiding behind the cushions! Which you might need to do with this creepy, tension filled play.

A small group of characters find themselves stuck at a rundown farmhouse, let in by a kindly but slightly sinister host, Mrs Bateman. Whilst tempers and relationships begin to unravel there's a sense that something isn't quite right with their setting.

The play has some terrific spooky moments, including retelling a story of a strange babysitter with an old witch mask. What lets the tension down slightly is some ropey performances, sadly for me Tom Chambers in the lead is quite hammy and the play and all the relationships within the show rely on his role. Chambers performance sometimes feels more appropriate for a panto, perhaps if the push to find comedy had been set aside it would have been a better fit. Susie Blake however steals the show as the strange farmlady who seems up to no good.

The play gets a little tangled towards the end and any twists in these types of stories seem to have been done before. However if you fancy sitting back and getting creeped out for a little while in this terric unnerving setting, go for it - it has a good few spooky moments to keep you entranced."


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