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Theatre REVIEW: King Arthur - ★★★★★

Presented by Le Navet Bete

Camelot is in trouble. King Arthur knows that if he doesn’t turn things around, this civilisation will be forgotten, and be known as nothing more than a rather dull time in British history. But when three hapless squires approach him about changing that legacy… a legend is born.

Teaming up with one of UK theatre’s best comedy writers and directors, Olivier Award nominated John Nicholson (The Time Machine: A Comedy), award-winning funny men Le Navet Bete (The Three Musketeers, Treasure Island, Dracula: The Bloody Truth) are back with a brand-new laugh-out-loud show for the ages.

A comedy for the whole family, this hilarious retelling of the Arthurian legends will have audiences crying with laughter and become part of the legend themselves!

Age guidance: 8+.



The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich - On Tour


Jan (Age 12) - ★★★★1/2

"This show is hilarious! Their interpretation of the stories of king Arthur and Camelot are brilliant. Three actors; Nick Bunt, Al Dunn, and Matt Freeman, played all of the roles, and they were all incredible! As I am from Scotland, I enjoyed all of the different accents used in the show, they added to each scene, creating a unique atmosphere.

I loved all of the different props and costumes, they were bright and colourful, adding to each characters personality. They stood out against the set, this pulled more attention to the strangeness of the outfits. The set looked awesome, I loved all of the ladders and hidden doors. The play wouldn't be as enjoyable as it was, if they didn't have such a cool set.

I think the show is intended for children around nine or ten years old, but audiences of any age would enjoy it. As it is coming to the Mercury theatre in Colchester, I will recommend this show to my friends."


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