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Theatre REVIEW: Houdini's Greatest Escape - ★★★★

Don’t miss this laugh out loud adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat at death defying escapes, gasping as you witness incredible feats of magic and laughing out loud at some of the funniest (and let’s be honest weirdest) characters you’ll see on stage this year, as New Old Friends pull off their most magnificent stunt yet in Houdini’s Greatest Escape.

Harry Houdini is the world’s greatest entertainer.

Just as his death-defying escapology stunts have him, and his wife Bess, on the cusp of world-wide fame he is framed for murder by a gang of criminals in cahoots with the chief of police.

Can Harry & Bess escape the plot and clear their names?

And just how is their rival, Agatha, The Superstar Spiritualist medium, involved?

All will be revealed in this hilarious 39 Steps-esque thriller, played out in New Old Friends’ (Crimes on Centre Court) inimitable, award-winning style of physical comedy, sparkling wit and just a touch of chaos.



New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich - run ended - Part of UK Tour


Jan (Age 12) - ★★★★

"I really enjoyed watching this show! It had an excellent story and awesome characters. Harry Houdini is a peculiar character. He is portrayed as an overconfident and rather stubborn person. This is not a bad thing as it expresses his personality through his actions. Bess Houdini was a similar character. When I first thought about her role in the play, I thought she would be merely a side character, but she turned out to be one of the leading roles in this play.

Kirsty Cox and Adam Elliott played a completely different part of the play. They both had many roles, each adding to the show. All characters that they played had their own traits, whether it was the accent or the costume. It sure gave the audience some entertainment! Both of these actors were brilliant and should be praised for their performance.

This show contains real escapes performed on stage! I think this is great, and it really helps to make the play as good as it is. The show started off slowly. It was a bit dull, but gradually, as more characters appeared, it became a great performance!"


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