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Theatre REVIEW: Doctor Who: Time Fracture - ★★★★★

Immersive Doctor Who experience.

This unprecedented and groundbreaking immersive experience will place you in the heart of the story set during the 1940s Blitz raids, eventually thrusting you forward into a cosmic adventure across space and time split between two time periods. In this epic event, a huge challenge awaits you as you dive headfirst into gorgeously-rendered worlds open for exploration, meet amazing characters (including the Time Lords, Cybermen, and Daleks), and encounter treacherous pitfalls and dangers. The universe we know and love is in jeopardy and now is your chance to step up to the plate, be your journey's hero, and save your precious planet from catastrophic destruction.



Unit HQ, London


Until 4th September



February 2022

Sandy (Age 8) - ★★★★★

"A very immersive time traveling adventure with many twists and turns. You will meet new friends, fight new foes, become the hero and save the universe. Now any ways, my thoughts are… well I think is was a very exciting time traveling experience with Davros, Cybermen, Daleks and Weeping Angels. I give it five stars out of five. "

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