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Theatre REVIEW: Dada Masilo: The Sacrifice - ★★★★

Dance Consortium presents

Dada Masilo’s The Sacrifice

The Guardian's best dance to book 2023

South African choreographer Dada Masilo’s new work The Sacrifice reinterprets ‘The Rite of Spring’ for a new generation of audiences.This is an unforgettable and deeply uplifting experience from one of the most exciting choreographers working in dance today

Featuring live music on stage, The Sacrifice is inspired by Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, combining the European heritage of this monumental piece of music with the uniquely rhythmic and expressive movements of ‘Tswana’ the traditional dance of Botswana.

Rooted in story-telling and healing ritual, Masilo and her dancers deliver an exhilarating performance that will transport you through a journey of emotions.



Festival Theatre, Edinburgh - run ended


Ailie (Age 13) - ★★★★

"I would rate The Sacrifice 4 stars because it was interesting and enjoyable to watch. I loved the way the live music and dance was choreographed as the music and dance were in time with each other. The dancers were amazing as every dancer was in time with the others. The percussionist was really good as he played loads of instruments and they all went well with the dancing. I didn't fully understand the plot of the performance but the emotion came across really well as whenever they felt emotional I did too. It's difficult to describe as I had so many different feelings going through me while watching the performance."


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