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#Taskmaster Mix Up - Tip Top 'Stay at Home' Tips by Snow White & Friends

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

#taskmastermixup Challenge:

Tip Top 'Stay at Home' Tips by Sow White & Friends

(and Grumpy Grumbles from Grumpy).

How is everyone coping with finding things to do and keeping the bedroom tidy whilst staying at home? Maybe you've got some good advice to give?

Well we need our actors to send in daily videos of a Disney character giving some 'Tip Top Stay at Home Tips'

Meanwhile we would like some Grumpy Grumbles from Grumpy as well.

Send your videos / pics on to us and we'll send a prize out to our favourite entries...


Meanwhile here's the information for this Saturday's classes...

AGE 5-7s - HERE

AGE 8-11s - HERE

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Mix Up Theatre (Kim)
Mix Up Theatre (Kim)
May 06, 2020

Amazing video Sophie! 🥳👏🏼


Here's Rapunzel's Tip Top Tips for Staying At Home - Brilliant work Sophie! Very well choreographed! :)

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