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WORKSHOP: Snow White - Behind the Scenes (Ages 8-11s)

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

This Saturday's class is a Behind the Scenes Improvised Documentary on the Making of Snow White.

Here's a Trailer:

The Cast List so far...

Snow White - Billy

The Huntsman - Orson

Dopey - Bradley

The Apple - Struan

The Queen - Hollye

Magic Mirror - Mylo

Morpheus (Dwarf who didn't get cast in the film) - Callum

The Runner - Myles

Let us know who you want to be, you can even be someone who worked on the film? The director or Walt Disney or maybe you worked in the canteen?

Maybe your a dwarf who was cut from the film? Stinky?

Choose a character or make one up and let us know who you would like to play i the class...

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