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SUMMER CAMP - Greek Myths & Legends - The Minotaur

We'll be devising our own show based on Greek Myths & Legends....

First up.... THE MINOTAUR

According to the legend, an Athenian prince called THESEUS travelled to the island of Crete to kill a MAN-EATING MONSTER called the Minotaur. It was HALF-MAN and HALF-BULL and kept in a SCARY MAZE called the LABYRINTH.

What will we do with this story? Make sure you have booked in for SUMMER CAMP

Want to see more about Minotaur's then check out...


FILMS: The Chronicles of Narnia Series (2005 - 2010)

There's a whole bunch of Minotaurs in the Narnia series, especially amongst the evil Queen's army!

FILM: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)

A pretty scary looking Minotaur appears in this modern day take on the Greek legends.

FILM: Onward (2020)

This Pixar animated comedy features a Manticore, seems a lot friendlier than the Minotaur's on this list!


FILM: Wrath of the Titans (2012) (Age 12A)

Lots of Greek mythology in this action packed film and of course a pretty nasty looking Minotaur in there!

FILM: Gods of Egypt (2016) (Age 12A)

You probably don't want to mess with this guy either!

How do you rate these Minotaur movies?...

Can you recommend any other Minotaurs? Who did we miss from the list?


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