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Star Wars Universe

Updated: Jun 4

Star Wars is an American epic space opera media franchise created by George Lucas, which began with the eponymous 1977 film and quickly became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon. The franchise has been expanded into various films and other media, including television series, video games, novels, comic books, theme park attractions, and themed areas, comprising an all-encompassing fictional universe.[b] Star Wars is one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time.

Here's how we rate the Star Wars Universe. Cast your votes...

Our Top 10 Star Wars...

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) TV) - ★★★★★ - #11

Daniel (Age 12) - ★★★★1/2

"Obi-Wan Kenobi was great. It has a bunch of lines that fans have been waiting for years for the cast to say. It also was really cool to see (SPOILERS!) flashbacks with Hayden Christiansen and Ewan McGregor back together again. Darth Vader looked amazing in this series with that same intimidating appearance he had in the original trilogy. Some parts of Reva's storyline didn't make sense, for example how does someone get stabbed in the same place twice and survive both times? Anyway apart from that the whole show was good with great action. "

2. The Mandalorian (2019 TV) - ★★★★★ - #15

3. Ahsoka (2023 TV) - ★★★★ - #50

4. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)  - ★★★★ - #219

Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★

"I think episode 4 A New Hope is equally as episode 1 The Phantom Menace. The only thing I did not like was the slow lightsaber fights. They were quite uneventful compared to the first three movies. For a 46 year old movie it was brilliant. My favourite part was Han solos and Luke's time on the Death star. My favourite character was Han solo as he was funny and really enjoyable to watch. Obi wan Kenobi saving Luke was also good, his death shocked me. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes anything similar to Jumanji."

5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - ★★★★ - #297

Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★★

"Best Star Wars movie I have seen so far! The highlights for me were; Yoda's death, Han solo returning to life after being frozen by Jabba, Luke first getting told that Leia is his sister, Luke Vs Darth Vader, the war on the battle on the moon of endor, the emperor's death, aniken Skywalkers (Darth Vader's) death, and the death stars explosion. Every part of this movie was perfect. Han, Leia, Chewbacca, Luke, Lando, Yoda, Aniken Skywalker (Darth Vader), and the cute little furballs on the moon of endor (they were my favourite). I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes avengers or marvel or similar. I hope Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens is just as good!"

Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★1/2

"Brilliant movie, loved everything about it, apart from the start - which I did not enjoy as much. Yoda was my favourite character, as he is an energetic 800 year old jedi master. Han solo getting turned to stone (while still being alive) shocked me, as he was another amazing character. Luke Skywalker first being told that Darth Vader was his father was another brilliant part of the movie. This movie was better than episode 4 because the lightsaber fights were improved."

Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★1/2

"One of my favourite Star Wars movies so far! The best bits were; Finn ditching being a storm trooper to become part of the resistance, Finn first getting a name, Finn first meeting Rey, Finn and Rey first meeting Han Solo and Chewbacca, Han solo's reunion with the millennium falcon. Other good scenes were; Han and Leia's reunion, the revealing that kylo ren is actually Han's son, kylo ren vs han solo, han solo's death, kylo ren vs finn, kylo ren vs Rey, and finally R2-D2's map to Skywalker.

'My favourite character top 3 of this movie' is;

 1. Finn

2. Han

3. Rey

 Finn had a funny kind of chaotic bold confidence in him which I really enjoyed. Han solo is just as good as he was in star wars episode 6 return of the jedi (which is perfect) even though he's a bit older. Rey was quite strange and full of mystery to me, that was what made me want to watch her more.

 Overall a brilliant movie, which I would recommend to anyone who loves Marvel or DC. I am sorry if you wasted your time on reading this very long review. I hope that star wars episode 8 the last jedi will be just as good (maybe a bit less dramatic) as this star wars episode."

Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★

"This Movie is just as good as The Phantom Menace. The highlights for me were the thrilling Battle of Geonosis, Yoda VS Count Dooku, Obi-Wan VS Jango Fett, and the Geonosis Arena when C-3P0 was on a Battle Droid's Body. It was hilarious watching C-3P0 on a Droid's body and a Droid's head on C-3P0's body. When C-3P0 is knocked to the floor with the force, R2-D2 shows up and puts C-3P0's head back on his proper body. The only thing I did not enjoy as much is the romantic scenes between aniken and padme."

Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★★

"This movie was just as good as the last one, nearly perfect. The small problem, in this film, was that it was too confusing. It still had plenty of good things; the first half an hour (best part of the film by far!), the supreme leader Snoke's plan to destroy the resistance, the resistance's escape of the first order, the war outside the resistance base, Snoke's death, (the second best bit) Luke Skywalker's return to face Kylo ren, Luke's death (I am not sure if he died though).

'My Favourite character top 3 of this movie' is:

1. Yoda

2. Kylo ren

3. Luke Skywalker

Overall a near-perfect film which sets up a (probably) great finale to the star wars series."


Also worth checking out...

Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★

"I love The Phantom Menace and it's my favourite Star Wars movie. What I love about the movie is; seeing a young Anakin Skywalker who will become Darth Vader, I love master and apprentice relationship between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, I love Darth Maul, other characters were really great. I thought Jar Jar was very funny and a great character, love seeing C3PO meeting R2D2, I really enjoyed pod racing, action scenes were great, the space battle was thrilling. The Battle of Naboo was my favourite part."

Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★1/2

"The thing I like about the movie; how Anakin turns to the dark side, how things started to get a little tense as the movie goes, I also like how Obi Wan plays his Master Jedi role, how he talks with Anakin and with all the other actors. Star Wars 3 is actually a little better than Star Wars 1 (The Phantom Menace), and better than Star Wars 2 (Attack Of The Clones). Darth Vader is also well done, it was heartbreaking how Anakin turned to the dark side, because of Lord Sidius. So I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves films with a twist."

Jan (Age 11) - ★★★★★

"One of the best films I have ever seen! The best scenes in this movie were; Kylo ren first meeting Emperor Palpatine, Rey's training, Chewbacca getting captured, C3-PO's memory restart, General Hux turning out to be the spy, General Hux's death, Kylo Ren vs Rey, Princess Leia's death ,Rey flying to Emperor Palpatine, Kylo Ren vs Kylo Ren's knights, the war, Kylo Ren's death to save Rey, and the victory of the war. 'My Favourite character top 3 of this movie' is;

1. Kylo Ren

2. Rey

3. Emperor Palpatine

Overall a brilliant end to the star wars saga! I can't wait to see 'Rogue One' and other star wars films"

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

And TV Series:

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi


The Book of Bobba Fett

Star Wars: Rebels

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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