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Gallery REVIEW: Sgeul - Story: Folktales from the Scottish Highlands - ★★★★

Scotland is rich in stories but, once upon a time, Scottish Gaelic folktales were almost unknown beyond the Highlands. In 1859, folklorist John Francis Campbell together with a team of helpers, began to collect Scottish Gaelic folktales. He found a treasure trove. This exhibition displays the manuscript diaries kept by Campbell and the watercolours he painted.

Read and listen to some of the folktales he gathered in Gaelic and English, and watch a film about what stories mean to Gaelic speakers of all ages.



National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh - until 20th April 2024

Part of Scottish International Storytelling Festival - 13th - 29th October 2023



Stewart - ★★★★

"A wonderful exhibition that follows the collecting of stories by John Francis Campbell. There's a real sense of imagination represented here in this gallery and there's also a fantastic opportunity for families to read some well-chosen books, story cubes and shadow puppetry at hand as well. So, you could spend a good bit of time in here if you're with a young one. Otherwise, do go take a look and soak up the tales of stories being passed on through the generations."

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