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Theatre REVIEW: Jekyll & Hyde - ★★★★

Updated: Apr 26

"Are those little voices in our heads our friends, or our enemies? What if they’re neither, what if they’re both?”

Forbes Masson stars in this captivating one-person play, written by Gary McNair. The classic story of Jekyll & Hyde is turned on its head revealing the depths of one man’s psyche and the lengths we will go to hide our deepest secrets. What will happen to a curious mind as it’s left to its own devices?

Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh presents the Reading Rep Theatre production of Jekyll & Hyde.

By Gary McNair, adapted from the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson

Directed by Michael Fentiman



Now Available - Stream Online - Original Theatre

The Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh until 27th January


Daniel (Age 13) - ★★★★1/2

“This was a fantastic show which I very much enjoyed, I was especially wowed by the performance of the main and only actor, Forbes Masson. The main actor had to play many different characters and did them all perfectly which would be especially hard when he had no other actors to bounce off of. The play was condensed into about 70 minutes and went by in a flash.”

Stewart - ★★★★

“A thrilling performance from Forbes Masson spearheads this gripping take on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale now available to stream at home on the fantastic Original Theatre.

The show perhaps loses a little of its edge when you're not sat in the theatre experiencing the dense atmosphere of the tale, however there's some comfort in being able to switch the lights off and snuggle up on the couch to be ready to be thrilled by it all.

So definitely worth renting if you fancy a night at the theatre at home."


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