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Fringe REVIEW: The Listies Make Some Noise - ★★★★★

An insane mixtape of silly songs, stupid sketches and crazy clowning! For over a decade the award-winning Listies have toured the world doing shows for literally gazillions of kidults (that’s kids and their adults). Now it’s your turn. Make Some Noise is a comedy concert for humans aged 4-400. 'Without a doubt the funniest kids show I've ever seen... I really really laughed. I'd have been happy to go on my own and still would've laughed. If you're [in Edinburgh] with a kid, or even not, I'd go and see the Listies' (Frank Skinner).

Children's Shows (Comedy / Clown)


The Listies Make Some Noise


House of Oz - The Great Indoors


until 20th August, 13:00

Age? 3+



Maddie (Age 9) & Archie (Age 10) - ★★★★★

"We saw the Listies last year and wanted to see their new show. Matt and Richard are the listies. The show is physical comedy with a lot of audience participation. It's a show about music. Richard was trying to give a serious lecture so we all learned something and Matt was the joker... maddie and dad were part of the audience orchestra.. their musical instrument was "blurbing". Maddie's favourite part was the "baby" and Trump playing the trumpet on the crumpet. Archie liked seeing Bluey.

It's so much fun with a lot of laughs!"

Have you seen the show?...

We had a quick meeting with the Police Cops cast after the show!...


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