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Fringe REVIEW: Rapunzel - ★★★★★


Children's Show (Musical Theatre)

Kapow Theatre Scotland

Age: 3+

Venue: MultiStory - Gilded Balloon

Dates: until 26th August, 10:30am

Mix Up Theatre Reviews: ★★★★★

Pantomime is back... Oh yes it is! Poor wee Rapunzel is stuck in a tower. She's not allowed any fun... Not allowed to leave the house... To see anyone... To go shopping... Relate much?! But don't worry, with some help from Dame Donuts, Ramsbottom, a talking skunk(?!) and you the audience, Rapunzel should be just fine! Join us for this classic fairy tale with a Pantomimic twist. A fun-filled, family-friendly extravaganza full of laughs, interaction, singing, dancing and fun! Cast announcement to follow...

Myles (Age 9) - ★★★★★

“A mixture of a panto and a musical. It was only a cast of 5 but each of them did a really good job. Overall I recommend this to families. It gets the Myles seal of approval!"

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