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Fringe REVIEW: Myra's Story - ★★★★

Myra's Story

Theatre (Drama)

Age: 14+

Venue: Assembly George Square Gardens

Dates: 6th - 29th

Mix Up Theatre Reviews: ★★★★

Myra, a middle-aged, homeless Dublin street drinker, is feisty, funny and tragic. Desperate for her first drink of the day, she begs from the passing city centre throngs. Between begging, she relives her back story. Playing all the characters and acting out all the incredible events that have led her to this pitiful existence, Myra takes us on a swirling, searing, at times hilarious, but ultimately heart-breaking journey. Winner of Best Tragedy award, United Solo Festival (New York, 2016). You'll laugh with Myra... you'll cry with Myra... what you'll never do, is forget her.

Highlights: One Woman Show, Excellent Performance, Cheeky Humour, Thought Provoking Story

Recommended For: One to take your Gran/Grandad along to.

Stewart - ★★★★

“Actress Fiona Hewitt-Twamley gives an unforgettable performance in this melancholy tale of Myra, a Dublin homeless woman who tells the story of her life to the audience. Written and directed by Derry playwright Brian Foster this finds the right balance between full on belly laugh humour and the more tragic side of Myra's story. Hewitt-Twamley is great fun but equally heartbreaking in the role and has fantastic moments where she plays all the characters in Myra's life.

The show is perhaps a little overlong and pace begins to become an issue towards the latter half of the show. The humour is always spot-on but occasionally feels a little Mrs. Brown's Boys - but then that may very well be a further recommendation depending on your outlook.

The venue was packed when I went to see it which is fantastic and it certainly seemed to appeal to the older end of the audience who lapped up Myra's tales of life in dance halls, doctor's waiting rooms, wedding nights and Patsy Cline. So if looking for something to take your Gran along to then this is the one.

Come the end of the story it makes you think of all the life stories of the people we pass on streets on a regular basis and gives you a bit of thought as you go on your way. Make sure you bring along some spare change to put in the charity boxes after the show, you'll be very keen to do so."

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