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Film REVIEW #ESFF: The King of All the World (2021) - ★★★★

Director: Carlos Saura

Writer: Carlos Saura

Stars: Greta Elizondo, Isaac Hernandez, Ana de la Reguera, Manuel Garcia, Damian Alcazar, Enrique Arce, Manolo Cardona.

Genre: Musical

A musical in which the folkloric tradition of the music and dance of Mexico is taken up. Recovering the connection that existed between Spain and Mexico, with new and modern versions.


Stewart - ★★★★

"At 89 years old Spanish director Carlos Saura brings this vibrant, energetic film to festivals including this year's Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival. The film merges a rehearsal of a musical representing the violent past of Mexico whilst parallel storylines involve the director's and choreograopher's relationship and the young female lead dancer (Greta Elizondo)'s troubles at home. These subplots don't always ring true and sometimes fit a bit clunky along beside the main narrative. The dance sequences and rehearsals are where the film truly comes alive, with outstanding sequences of a troupe of young, super fit (I mean physically but you could probably add attractiveness!) dancers rehearse and explore the play. Kudos to the music as well. Maybe not the most successful film in Saura's career but still at a grand old age still has the ability to create such a vivacious dance centred piece of movie magic."

Have you seen it?

We caught Song Without a Name at the Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival.




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