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Comedy REVIEW: Colin Hoult: The Death of Anna Mann - ★★★★★

Fresh from a smash-hit, critically acclaimed, sold out run at Edinburgh Fringe - Anna Mann is going on tour! The acclaimed actress, singer & welder (gotta have a back up) returns after five long years to tell the incredible story of her life in the arts in this: her final hour.

Visceral, real and achingly brave, Colin Hoult (After Life, Netflix) presents a hilarious meditation on life, death and literally everything in between. You will leave screaming “f*** off I love it!”

“Genius… One of the funniest comedy shows I’ve seen” ★★★★★ The Times

“Terrific… you will laugh yourself silly throughout” ★★★★★ The Telegraph

“An absolute gift to comedy” ★★★★★ Broadway World



Monkey Barrel, Edinburgh


Thursday 6th October - Part of UK Tour



Stewart - ★★★★★

"This is an exceptionally well crafted, downright hilarious character piece as we meet the flamoyantly pretentious Anna Mann as she comes to the end of her life - "Don't you go, or I will"

The character retells her life story as an actress with a rather interesting career - Helen Mirren stole all the good parts you see - and her torrid love affairs and husbands and Mann has an impeccable gag rate whilst having sly banter with the audience along the way. Hoult doesn't hide the fact that it's a man playing the character and as the show goes on it twists into a somewhat Inception-style story within a story as it even links into mental health. That's not to say that it doesn't lose the humour along the way as the audience were in tears of laughter last night - well apart from one guy - "He hasn't laughed once."

The show still has a cheeky laugh at pretentious storytelling but even still manages depths of melancholy for our fictional heroine, I think it's because we've all fell in love with her before the hour is out. Fantastic show, see it if you can!"


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