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Theatre REVIEW: Two Sisters - ★★★★

Is this Paradise?

Holiday Heaven.

I remember it all being brighter, somehow"

Two Sisters is a brand-new play written by Lyceum artistic director David Greig and directed by Wils Wilson (Life Is A Dream,The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart.)

Emma and Amy return to their childhood paradise, a seaside caravan park. Yet, the park has changed, and their childhood now seems a distant memory.

With career anxieties and romantic complications, the resort resurfaces memories and reminds them how far, or not so far, they have come from their teenage selves.

Two Sisters is a story about looking back to your youth and looking forward to growing up. It’s a story about who we were when we were 16, who we became when we grow up, and the gap between these expectations.

Starring Shauna Macdonald, Jess Hardwick and Erik Olsson



Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh until 2nd March


Becca - ★★★★

"Two Sisters is a gorgeous piece of theatre that skilfully takes the audience back to being a teenager, reflecting on what it means to be young, adult and ultimately human. The play begins with the audience being invited to reflect on their sixteen year old selves, what was alive in your heart then and why?

The audience are taken on a journey with the cast in reconnecting with teenage self and what it means to be young and in love. Set in a caravan park in Fife, Scotland the story follows two sisters on a journey of reconnection and nostalgia. The two sisters (Amy and Emma) and Amy’s teenage love (Lance) are portrayed brilliantly by the wonderful cast who bring the characters to life and leave the audience laughing, crying and feeling with them.

Written by David Greig and directed by Wils Wilson, the play co produced with the Royal Lyceum theatre and Malmö Stadtsteater in Sweden, the play offers the audience a chance to reflect on their teenage experiences. These reflections are offered back in the performance, by the ensemble of teenagers in the cast. It incorporates audience interaction in this sense, but in a way that is distant, optional and validating, hearing your reflections read out on stage is somewhat cathartic.

Definitely a performance to catch while you can! A truly worthwhile, slow burn, filled with emotion, laughs and throwback music.


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