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Theatre REVIEW: The Yellow Canary - ★★★★★

The Yellow Canary is based on a true story and is a leap into the imagination of a young boy as he attempts to escape the horrors of war, exploring love, loss, and what it means to flee your home.

Performance maker Tashi Gore uncovers the real-life journey her uncle Bernard took as a young Jewish boy, forced to leave his home city of Paris with just his parents and his pet canary for company.

Combining live storytelling, testimony, and digital animation, The Yellow Canary brings together visual theatre expert Ross MacKay, playwright Will Gore, and director Jess Thorpe, in a compelling and timely performance.

“MacKay’s line drawings are a delight… It’s only 10 minutes, but it chirps. I want to see more.” Lyn Gardner on The Yellow Canary work-in-progress

Glass performance



Scottish Storytelling Centre until 30th May


Theo (Age 11) - ★★★★★

"The yellow Canary told the true story of a boy called Bernard who had to flee from the Nazis in the 2nd World War. He took his pet canary, Kiki, on the journey and she helped him to feel better.

The story was told by his great niece using a mixture of digital art, props, pictures and interviews with Bernard.

The story was interesting and sometimes emotional. I heard about how acts of kindness and bravery from strangers made a difference to Bernard and his family's survival.

I particularly liked the Q&A afterwards when I had the chance to ask about how they had worked with Bernard to make the show.

I would give this show 5 stars as I loved hearing this personal story told using digital art."


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