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Theatre REVIEW: TRASHedy - ★★★★★

Updated: May 30

How many plastic cups do you use in a lifetime? Two performers explore the story of our strange evolution and dig into the complexity of the topic ‘ecological intelligence’. Along the way, they keep raising new questions and encounter an ever-growing mountain of rubbish.

Using a mix of of animated drawings, dance and sound collages, TRASHedy takes an honest, humorous look at our freedom of choice and consumerist behaviour, and invites us to reflect on our actions. Because everything we do has an impact. Somewhere.

"Performing Group manages to deal with the topic of consumerism and environmental protection with outstanding subtle humor..." Augenblick Mal




Traverse Theatre until Thursday 30th May


Nina (Age 11) - ★★★★1/5

"TRASHedy is a very humorous show. It has very funky music and young people will love it. It is all about the evolution of human kind and the growth of overconsumption and its impact on the planet. It is easy to follow with fun animations and props. There are 2 performers who mime the story. At certain points they talk but it is mostly mime and prop use. There is 'mild audience participation', this means they took someone's shoe and put it in the bin! There was one bit I didn't really get but the rest was fine. "


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