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Theatre REVIEW: The Lion King - ★★★★★

Julie Taymor's puppet-powered stage version of Disney's spectacular tale of a dead king and an errant son is a feast of exuberant theatre for the whole family, with show-stopping visual effects, gripping drama and plenty of laughs. It reinvents the film for a whole new audience.

With a cast of over 40 actors, singers and dancers, the story of The Lion King is miraculously brought to life using masks, puppets and striking costumes to tell the story of young Simba's epic adventures as he struggles to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and becoming king.

The stunning simplicity of The Lion King is the work of a team of designers who draw on diverse cultural influences to recreate the rich colours and vast expanses of the African savanna in this daring and inspiring reinvention of one of the most successful animated films of all time.



Edinburgh Playhouse until 2nd July

Lyceum Theatre, London - Permanent Residence



Kaio (Age 12) - ★★★★★

"The Lion King play, hosted at the Edinburgh playhouse, is extraordinary. Incredible acting and awe-inspiring production. The story line follows the original script from the film but modified and improved. I thought the play was beautifully planned. The musical sections of the play were the best I have ever seen. The atmosphere, the singing, the dancing, and the story could not have been told and acted in any better way. The costumes were outstanding with their diverse looks, and they were very creative. My favorite part of the show was all the sections where some actors in animal suits came running down the aisles in every direction. I personally rate this play a 5 / 5 it was such a wonderful experience and atmosphere; I really recommend it!"

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