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Theatre REVIEW: The Cher Show - ★★★★★

Get ready to TURN BACK TIME in this outrageous new musical!

35 smash hits – one pop goddess

Music icon turned Hollywood royalty, the Grammy®, Oscar®, Emmy® and Golden Globe® award-winning Queen of re-invention has conquered it all - Cher. It’s now time to turn back time with this fiercely fabulous kick-ass new musical, from the writer of Jersey Boys.

Three Chers are better than one! Three West End stars play Cher as we span her iconic career: Millie O’Connell (SIX, RENT) as BABE, Danielle Steers (Bat Out of Hell, SIX) as LADY and the Olivier Award-nominated Debbie Kurup (Prince of Egypt, The Bodyguard) as the ultimate diva, STAR.



Festival Theatre until Saturday 15th October




Jasmine (Age 15) - ★★★★★

If I could turn back time, I would see “The Cher Show” again

5 stars


"Last night I went to see “The Cher show.” I’d grown up with her music often playing in the background and since this was the first show I was going to in a long time, I had VERY high expectations.

And I absolutely loved it!

“The Cher Show” cleverly has three actresses playing Cher:

Cher 1- Follows her journey from adolescence to her becoming starstruck with the singer Sonny Bono and the beginning of the tumultuous years which followed

Cher 2- Begins during the Sonny and Cher tv era, where the real driving conflict begins

Cher3- Cher begins her new life as a single parent of two kids- so what’s next?

During Cher 1’s performance there was a lot of comedy. This made me worried as to how they would add in the conflict (something which makes the play move forward and changes the character)

However, I was proved VERY wrong when Cher 2.0 burst onto the stage. This era of Cher was a lot more mature than the young 16-year-old girl she once was as she contemplates divorcing Sonny and the harsh financial situation, she has become trapped in.

Suddenly the innocence and comedy of Cher 1 makes a lot of sense as she comments on these situations telling the current Cher to “remember the good times”

“The Cher Show” is the story of a young unconfident girl who finds her feet, through hardship she comes out stronger- believing that there IS life after love.

Best bits:

· The conflicted feelings of the three Cher's were extremely effective as you saw her evolution as a person from these contrasting characters.

· The special effects! They were amazing (I even heard some gasps from the audience) and created a mesmerizing beginning and ending.

· Dancing- choreographed by Oti Mabuse there are some amazing dance numbers, which are just as intricate as they are beautiful.

· The structure was kept clear and was easy to follow along with, I think many other shows would have struggled with this but “The Cher Show” kept a creatively paced story that was easy to follow.

Final thoughts:

Would I recommend Cher?


The finale of the show was spectacular but what was more special was that when I looked all around, I could see that there were people young and old singing along with the songs. “The Cher show” highlights the brilliance of Cher and how her music unites so many different people.

So go along, bring your friends , and rock out to the story of a true icon of pop history."


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