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Theatre REVIEW: Stand By - ★★★★★

Four Police Officers sit in a riot van. Called out to a domestic dispute, which may turn violent, they are on stand by; waiting to enter a flat where a man is wielding a samurai sword. We wait with them, experiencing the relationships, forged through the stress of the job and the turmoil of being caught between following orders and protecting themselves.

Written by a former Police Officer, Stand By shows the modern‐day Police Service laid bare.

A unique performance, audiences are asked to wear single‐earpiece headphones, as Police Officers do, to tell this urgent story in a multi‐sensory way.

Written by Adam McNamara Directed by Joe Douglas and Jo Rush Produced by Scottish Theatre Producers, in association with Beacon Arts Centre



Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

Then Lemon Tree, Aberdeen - Thursday 7th & Friday 8th April


until 2nd April

Part of UK Tour



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"Stand By, produced by Scottish Theatre Producers in association with the Bacon Arts Centre, is a multi-sensory play following police officers on call and the conversations happening around policing since the show’s debut in 2017. The play expertly mixes the political conversation with the personal stories of the characters on stage, creating a truly huan piece of theatre that was both emotive and funny.

Walking into the foyer of the theatre, you are given an ear piece that instantly transports you into the world of the play. This gives you access to the audio that goes on through police radio channels and is effectively utilised throughout the performance. This does cause issues for those who may be hard of hearing but otherwise, is a great way of involving the viewer in the play’s world.

This piece is a must see for those who enjoy watching good stories. Set in the back of a police van, the narrative illustrates the different journeys and lives of the four characters with a beautifully visceral script written by Adam McNamara.

In the moments where movement was used in a more stylised manner, it was well drilled and conveyed the protocols and training of Police Scotland.

A brilliant show and a thoroughly enjoyable evening."


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