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Theatre REVIEW: Sho and the Demons of the Deep - ★★★★★

Updated: Jun 4

Independent Arts Projects in association with National Theatre of Scotland.

Shō’s city has been plagued by nightmares for as long as she can remember, but hers are the worst of all. One day, Shō has had enough. She throws her nightmares away into the river, where they wash out to sea. Soon people start copying her; the city is rid of its nightmares, and everyone is delighted. But sixty years later, when the river becomes poisoned, Shō’s granddaughter Hana must face her greatest fears in order to save her home.

Shō and the Demons of the Deep by Zoë Bullock is a visual adventure story about overcoming fear, climate crisis and how the actions of one generation can affect the next.



Traverse Theatre until 30th May - Part of Tour


Stewart - ★★★★★

"An atmospheric, intimate and magical performance is exceptionally well crafted in this fantasy show. The cast of three do a wonderful job of bringing to life the enchanting tale with a wide range of characters. Special shout out also to the BSL interpretator who joined the cast on the night and was very well incorporated into the cast.

The show is an adaptation of a picture book about a small town that pollutes the river by the townspeople disposing of their nightmares in the lake, whilst a young girl with the help of her grandmother finds a way to change the narrative.

Its a very stylized and dreamlike show, which will appeal to any Studio Ghibli fans. The nightmare puppets created using plastic carrier bags are a very nice and memorable addition. Definitely a show to catch, we all loved it!"


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