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Theatre REVIEW: Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure - ★★★★★

Updated: May 19, 2022

Online whoddunnit from the Olivier-nominated Les Enfants Terribles.



Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure - The Case of the Hung Parliament

by Les Enfants Terribles




Thursday 25th February 2021 - runs until 4th April 2021


Francisco, Mylo, Lily-Rose, Alexander, Theo, Elizabeth & Stewart


“Ok, so if you're all ready, we should get on, this isn't a game we're playing here, there's a crime to be solved. So listen up to; 'The Case of the Hung Parliament."

The Home Secretary, The Foreign Secretary and the Lord Chamberlain, have all been found hanging, in their own chambers. Each victim died on their birthday, and on that day had received a card with a mysterious quote written in it. But what does this mean? Where’s Sherlock? And what will you do next with 75 minutes left to solve the case before the murderer strikes again?”

The Olivier nominated creators of Alice’s Adventures Underground, Les Enfants Terribles present a pioneering new immersive adventure - but this time online. Using their unique experience of creating innovative live immersive shows the company adapts to bring an online whodunnit including live performance, immersive 360 technology and over 100 clues to discover.



OVERALL: ★★★★★

Francisco - ★★★★★

The Sherlock Holmes experience is very fun. The online resources make you feel like a detective in a crime scene and are really well made. The actors all did a really good job. It all felt really immersive and we all worked well together.

Mylo - ★★★★★

I thought that the Sherlock Holmes show was fantastic and even over zoom it felt really interactive. I loved working as a team and we were all thrilled when we solved it. I thought that all the actors were brilliant and overall it was a great experience.

Elizabeth - ★★★★

It was fun and very interactive. I found it smart how the rooms were virtual and you could communicate with the suspects in a way.

Theo - ★★★★★

I loved the experience! This feels like a new form of theatre, so exciting and interesting.

Alexander - ★★★★

Very cool and interesting. Never done one of these things before, definitely recommended.

Lily-Rose - ★★★★★

I think the Sherlock Holmes show was a great experience especially being over zoom. I love we were able to talk to each other it made it feel very real. I would definitely recommend.


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