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Theatre REVIEW: Plinth - Manipulate Festival 2024 - ★★★★★

A statue stands upon a plinth – a lightning rod for collective memory.

Shocked into life, the statue descends into the war zone which surrounds it. Tormented by images of conflict, the statue battles to comprehend the world into which it has been thrust. As awareness grows, a monstrous transformation ensues.

Abstract, unearthly, and powerfully visceral, Plinth is a poetic exploration of statues as artefacts of war, particularly with reference to the contentious archetype of the ‘hero’. The images within the performance are inspired by the myth of Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur; perhaps the ultimate tale of ‘hero’ vs. ‘other’.

Plinth is the latest in a series of performances Al Seed has created around the theme of conflict and the politics of its remembrance, the last of these being Oog which won the Total Theatre Award for Best Visual / Physical Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe.

This extraordinary work, co-produced with Vanishing Point, is full of rich imagery and astonishing movement.

Presented as part of Manipulate Festival 2024, running from 1–11 February at venues across Edinburgh.



Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh


Lorna - ★★★★★

Plinth does a masterful job of drawing in the audience and driving home it’s message. The amazingcombination of Al Seed’s physical performance and Guy Veale’s score, creates a rhythmical and visceral experience that perfectly represents the repetitiveness and brutality of war.


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