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Theatre REVIEW: Pinocchio - ★★★★★

Steve Tiplady, as Geppetto, uses the objects of a carpenter’s workshop to tell the tale of the puppet that wants to be a real boy, and the puppet maker who wants to be a real father.

Pinocchio is carved on stage, brushes become a fox and the shadow of two saws transforms into a giant shark. An element of improvisation makes each performance unique to its audience.

Puppetry, shadows, illusion, and especially composed music combine to create a show with something for all ages; it’s inventive, visually and verbally witty with a big heart.



The Studio, Festival Theatre - Saturday 25th March


Georgie (Age 7) - ★★★★★

"I really liked the show I give it 10 out of 10, Before I went in I got to ring the bell. I liked the equipment he used it was really cool and his wee set where he did the show.

It was Funny when Pinocchio kept saying No, No when his dad was trying to put him to bed. I liked the saw used to be a shark, at the end I got to get a picture with him and Pinocchio got me right on the nose then I hugged him. I really liked all the show."


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