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Theatre REVIEW: Sunset Song - ★★★★★

Dundee Rep Theatre in a co-production with Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh present Sunset Song.

Written by Morna Young, after Lewis Grassic Gibbon

Co-conceived by Finn den Hertog and Morna Young

Directed by Finn den Hertog | Music by Finn Anderson

“…two Chrisses there were that fought for her heart and tormented her.”

Scotland’s most loved literary heroine Chris Guthrie is brought to the stage in this thrilling contemporary adaptation.

From harrowing family roots and crushing poverty, to stirring love and the awakening of self, Chris’s coming-of-age journey to womanhood is one of enduring strength, persistent survival and joyful renewal. Exploring human resilience and the loss of a way of life, through a scorching female protagonist, Sunset Song has a profoundly lyrical intensity that echoes throughout the years and still resonates today.

This radically reimagined production brings together an award-winning Scottish creative team including writer Morna Young (Lost at Sea, The Stamping Ground), director Finn den Hertog (The Enemy, Square Go) and composer Finn Anderson (Islander, A Mother’s Song) to tell this sweeping story of heart-breaking love, and a land and people in turmoil. With rich Scots language text, dynamic and physically charged staging, and raw and vivid live music, Sunset Song is a celebration of Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s symphonic, astounding and ever-relevant novel.



Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh - until 8th June


Lorna - ★★★★★

"A magnificent production with hauntingly beautiful music, and heart breaking, emotional performances. The modern costumes and gender-less casting adds to the overall timelessness of the story. This brings the story from over 100 years ago into the modern day, highlighting the connections between womanhood then and womanhood now."


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