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Theatre REVIEW: Jack and the Beanstalk - ★★★★★

Perth Theatre presents Jack and the Beanstalk Fri 25 Nov – Sat 31 Dec Perth Theatre

Written and directed by Barrie Hunter.

Lettie Lou (and her Pettin' Zoo) live in the shadow of Beinn Mucklemichty, the only unclimbable mountain in the land of Middle Perth. Her daughter, Jack, (a renowned mountaineer) is back home after years of climbing success but is currently working at the zoo with her wee brother Jock (a renowned… erm… Zoo Assistant?). But they're down to their last animal (Maggie Moo the Highland Coo) as all the others have mysteriously disappeared one by one, and anyway the tourists have all stopped coming, as the famously always-snowy Beinn is, for the first time in living memory, snow free… disaster!

The fabled Giant, reputed to live atop the Beinn, has been very noisy of late, shouting terrible rhymes from on high, and quite possibly eating his way through the zoo's inhabitants… who's going to be next?

There's terror in the village, and apparently on the slopes too, as a group of vulnerable mountain hares has arrived to seek refuge. Add in poor Jill, the (redundant) village vet, a strange woman looking gleefully at them through her telescope from above, plus a mysterious fruit and veg man (bit of a has-bean) hanging about in the forest, and the adventure will truly begin!



Perth Theatre until 31st December


Penelope (Age 5) - ★★★★★

Penelope gives the show 68, 15, 89 and 20 stars out of 5 and likes the bit with the farting!


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