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Theatre REVIEW: Ghosts of the Near Future - ★★

In Vegas, a magician performs a final disappearing act. The end of the world is a magic trick – are you watching closely?

Ghosts of the Near Future is a genre-bending, multi-form storytelling show about extinction and disappearance. Colliding music, storytelling, and live micro-cinema, it is a hallucinatory road trip through a vanishing landscape, a haunting collage of miracles and misdirection.

Following a critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, international performance duo emma + pj present this extraordinary elegy for a world living one minute to midnight.



Studio, Festival Theatre - run ended


Ailie (Age 14) - ★★

“I would rate ghosts of the near future 2 stars. The reason for that is that the story didn't really make any sense to me as the scenes didn't seem connected to each other. Another reason is that the story was all told through narrators not characters which is not as interesting and fun to my mind. The thing I liked the most was how they told it as they switched between voice and projections on the screen. I liked that because it made it more interesting and enjoyable to watch. Overall I appreciated some things but this style of theatre is not really for me and I didn't enjoy it as much.”


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