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Theatre REVIEW: Funbox Presents Jungle Party - ★★★★★

Funbox present Jungle Party.

It’s time to stop ‘lion’ around, pack up your ‘trunks’, be a ‘snappy dresser’ and get up to some ‘monkey business’ because Funbox are having a Jungle Party – and you’re all invited!

Join Anya, Kevin and Bonzo (formerly of The Singing Kettle) as they swing into their latest musical adventure and follow the sound of the drums in search of the ultimate jungle boogie. There are songs to sing, keys to find and new friends to discover along the way.

Can a leopard change his spots? What’s bugging everyone? And who’s the real King of the Jungle?

Chock-full of singalong classics like ‘Down In The Jungle’ and ‘Baby Bumblebee’, Funbox favourites and brand new songs, Jungle Party is jumbo-sized join-in fun for all the family.

Come dressed as your favourite wild animal - big people too - and get ready to party



King's Theatre, Edinburgh - Sunday 5th May - Scotland Tour...



Georgie (Age 7) - ★★★★★

Mum: "We both loved joining in with the singing and dancing and laughing to all Kevvy wevvy woos daft jokes, as always fun box was great it got us out our seat cheering and joining in with all the songs. "

Georgie gives the show 10 thousand stars " I love fun box, I love it all but I liked it today when kevvy wevvy soaked the people, and I loved when the giraffe sneezed but it was disgusting when Bonzo liked the snotty hanky yuuuk, I always like to see Bonzo he is very very funny, I took my special purple key to help them open the fun box too. I'm sad it's their last show but I hope I can see them at the festival cause Anya said she will be there before they stop."


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