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Theatre REVIEW: BOUNCE - Dirliebane Theatre Company - ★★★★★

Mix Up Summer Blog Reviewers - Age 5-11s

Reviews by Georgie, Amelia & Erynn

Dirliebane Theatre Company presents short online comedy films to support emotional health for children ages 6–12.







Online comedy films for children aged 6-12 that support emotional health. Dirliebane Theatre Company, who specialise in playful and engaging theatre clown, have created ten short films that are funny, silly and emotional. Meet the Challenge Enthusiasts in the BOUNCE series where Sally and Destiny undertake challenges - including the Flour Challenge and the Slidey-Slide Challenge.



OVERALL: ★★★★★

Reviewers: Georgie (5), Amelia (7), Erynn (7)


Episode 1 - The Flour Challenge

Georgie- ★★★★★

'It was amazing, I give it 5 stars but would like to give it 100 stars, I liked all of it, my favourite bit was when the lady said I need a pee.'

Erynn - ★★★★★

'It's funny, especially all the bloopers!'

Amelia - ★★★

'It's OK.'


Episode 2 - The Slidey-Slide Challenge

Georgie- ★★★★★

'I would give it 5 stars it was great she was struggling to get up the slide and she fell but her friend done it by getting help.'


Episode 3 - The Words Challenge


Episode 4 - The Yoga Challenge


Episode 5 - Who Can Sing the Longest Challenge?


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