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Theatre REVIEW: Blue Beard - ★★★★

When someone tells you not to look, OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR!

Blue Beard the Magician makes hearts flutter and pupils dilate. With a wink, a stroke and a flick - things just seem to vanish. Cards, coins, scarves… and women. 

Puff! Gone. Without a trace.

He meets his match when his young bride discovers his dark and murderous secret. She summons all her rage, all her smarts and all her sisters to bring the curtain down on his tyrannous reign.

Emma Rice brings her own brand of theatrical wonder to this most beguiling and disturbing of tales. With her signature sleight of hand, Blue Beard explores curiosity and consent, violence and vengeance - all through an intoxicating lens of music, wit and tender truth.

When someone tells you not to look, OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR!

A Wise Children, Birmingham Rep, HOME Manchester, Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh and York Theatre Royal co-production



Royal Lyceum Edinburgh until 30th March - Part of UK Tour


Ailie (Age 14) - ★★★★

"Blue Beard is a musical play about relationships and feminism. In the show there is a lot of violence against women which I thought was really interesting as you don't normally see that sort of thing on stage. I loved that all the actors could play a musical instrument and they all did at different times. In the second half of the show everything gets really serious and emotional which was unexpected as the first half is really fun, energetic and lively. I would rate this show 4 stars because I loved it but it was a bit too emotional for me and I didn't always understand the plot. I would recommend this show."


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