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Theatre REVIEW: Aladdin - ★★★★★

Written and directed by Barrie Hunter

Musical direction by Alan Penman

If you dare to venture through the famous Pass of Killiekrankie,

You may come across a widow who goes by the name McTwankie.

She's the mother of Aladdin, who's the brother of wee Hank E,

And their late, lamented father was the country singer, Frankie!

But their mobile laundry business is now going doon the stankie,

Thanks to Abigail McKrankie they're all weeping in their hankies!

She's cancelled all their contracts (which is just, quite frankly, skanky),

And her morals would appear to be right mockit, mean and manky!

Her plans to "get rich quick" involve young Aladdin McTwankie,

And if he finds the cave, she'll soon be uber-rich and swanky,

She's already claimed the title The Countess of Killiekrankie,

And soon she'll be pure laughing all the way to the local bankie!

UNLESS… we stop her before she gets the chance! Join Aladdin and his family as they get in a spin trying to keep the laundry going under very trying circumstances and meet some others along the way. Who is this young woman who's arrived in the village, looking for her back story? Is that the sound of chainsaws in the forest? Are those really giant red squirrels coming out of the trees? And who on earth is Jeannie?

With your help, the answers will come out in the wash at this year’s Perth Theatre panto!



Perth Theatre, until 31st December


Liam (Age 11) - ★★★★★

"My favourite part of the pantomime was the songs because most of them were dedicated to Taylor Swift and I like Taylor Swift!"


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